10 Most Common Signs And Symptoms Of Morton Neuroma

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Morton’s Neuroma?

Today I want to tell you about the signs and symptoms of Morton’s  Neuroma as a way to help you determine if that pain you have been experiencing could possibly be Morton’s Neuroma.

It is very important to know early and seek appropriate medical help as soon as possible because if not, the neuroma will get aggravated over time and may even lead to complications.

Before we get to the signs and sypmtoms let me show you a simple test which you can do at home to determine if you have Morton’s Neuroma.

Watch this short video to learn how to perform Morton’s Test at home:


If you have some of these signs and symptoms there are high chances that you are dealing with Morton’s Neuroma

1. The Numb Tingling Sensation At The Ball Of Your Foot

This usually occurs at the onset of the neuroma. The ball of your foot feels kind of tickly. You get the urge to scratch your foot.

2. The Feeling Of Fullness Or Bulge At The Ball Of Your Foot

You will not physically see the bulge or even the swelling, it is just the feeling. It as if your foot has suddenly gained the “invisible weight”. This also occurs at the beginning of the neuroma.

3. Feeling Like You Are Stepping Or Walking On A Wrinkled Sock

Another early sign of the neuroma which occurs whether or not you are wearing socks!

Signs And Symptoms Of Morton's Neuroma - Crumpled Sock

4. The Frequent Urge To Remove Your Shoes

When you start feeling like this, there will normally be some faint pain the accompanies the urge to remove your shoes.

5.  The Feeling That Your Toes Are Falling Asleep

A numb feeling on your toes, as if your toes have gone on a vacation. This one is usually accompanied by a bit of tingling but can sometimes present as numbness alone.

6.A Burning Or Sharp Pain In The Toes Or Ball Of Foot

This one can be utterly debilitating. The first time I experienced this stay permanently ingrained in my memory. I had been out and about doing some shopping for my unborn son. My big mistake was to wear very narrow closed shoes. At that time I was still unaware that I had Morton’s Neuroma.

Signs And Symptoms Of Morton's Neuroma - Burning Pain At Ball Of Foot

When the pain first came it was so sharp and burning like someone had lit a coal stove under my foot. I tried to be strong and kept walking but not for long. I immediately sat down and removed my shoes. There was no wearing them again. The rest of my shopping was completed on flip flops.

7. Aggravated Pain From Applying Pressure Or Wearing Shoes

If you have no idea that you have Morton’s Neuroma, chances are you will continue to unknowingly wear the wrong type of shoe. This will only make your pain worse. That’s what happened to me. I went and bought a  nice pair of brown, really arched and closed wedges.

Signs And Symptoms Of Morton's Neuroma - Painful Wedge Heels

I wore them one day and walked out of the house. I had barely left my home when the sharp burning pain returned. It resembled the first one I experienced at the mall that other day. I had to get back into the house and have a change of shoes.

Guess what?

I still could not understand the pain. So I kept wearing the wrong shoes and getting sharp burning pain over and over for many years. My pain kept getting worse. When I tried to explain to the doctor I almost looked like a fool because I could not even point out where exactly the pain came from.

My ordeal continued…until one day after having a really long walk and my foot was in total misery. I could not resist the urge to massage it. Then I finally touched on the right spot.

I had found my neuroma location! Great. At this point, I was able to Google and all answers led me to Morton’s Neuroma. I remember thinking and asking myself, is this real? What on earth is Morton’s Neuroma?

8.Cramping Of The Toes Or A Clicking Feeling When You Walk

At some point, you will experience that clicking sound in your toes. It is as if your toe joints are missing some lubrication. It is really weird because it is hard to tell where exactly in toe the click comes from. There is normally no pain that comes with the clicking.

Signs And Symptoms Of Morton's Neuroma - Spreading Toes

For me, the cramping is almost as horrible as the burning pain if not worse.  When I think about it now I realize that those bad toe cramps I used to have when I began to walk in high heels could have actually been my first warning signs. Right now my cramping is so bad that even a minor twist or squeeze on my foot brings the cramps.

I also experience cramps when I work out at the gym. Of course now I now my problem so I avoid high impact exercises. But still, I get cramps. Once that happens I take it as a signal that my body has had enough and I  stop.

9.The Toes Closest To The Pain Starting To Spread

Honestly, I have not experienced this one but some people I have interacted with who also have Morton’s Neuroma said their toes tend to separate.

10.Curtailing Your Activities Because Of Your Pain Or Your Pain Becoming Worse Over Time

Yes, the pain gets worse over time. But if you are informed early enough and you take great care then the pain will most probably give you a break.

For me, unfortunately, I did not get diagnosed early enough and up to now, I have only been self-managing. I know that the sooner I get proper medical treatment, the better.

I have had to adjust so much because my pain can begin at any given moment. Right now as I am writing, seated in the car, wearing completely open sandals, my neuroma is paining. I haven’t walked today… Just a little walking  (and just sitting apparently), just a bit of standing. I cannot finish preparing dinner in the kitchen without pain.

Now I am experiencing the pain that spreads upwards to my leg. It gets so bad that I can barely walk for 3 – 4 days.

Conclusion  – What Should You Do?

The first line of defense would be self-treatment with simple remedies. You can read about simple home remedies for Morton’s Neuroma in this article.

I find the home remedies to be effective. However, you will still need professional medical care by a foot pain specialist.

My stern advice to you, if you experience some of these symptoms is to seek medical attention as soon as you possibly can. Don’t wait for the pain to get worse because doing so can lead to complications.

Also, try to reduce physical activity that puts pressure on your feet. I learned the hard way. I never stopped running and jumping around in the gym until it was too late.

Thanks for reading. I hope you got the answers to your questions.

Go ahead and share your thoughts, experiences, anything in the comments section below.

Until next time…
Do take good care of your feet. I wish you a pain-free life.

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