Best Metatarsal Pads For Morton’s Neuroma

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What Is A Morton’s Neuroma?

A foot condition the tissue around the nerve between the metatarsal heads thickens as a result of constant pressure applied to the ball of the foot. The thickening is the nerve’s way of ‘protecting’ itself from continuous trauma.

Unfortunately, as the tissue becomes larger and larger it causes irritation, discomfort and ultimately very sharp burning pain which can longer bear even the smallest compression to the ball of the foot.

What Is A Metatarsal Pad?

Also known as met pads, these are manufactured small soft pads that are meant to sit on the footbed behind the ball of the foot. Ideally met pads are supposed to relieve pressure off the ball of the foot. Therefore, they are made to be as unobtrusive as possible.

You are not supposed to feel any discomfort while wearing shoes with metatarsal pads. instead, they are meant to eliminate all the discomfort. In case you do feel uncomfortable with a met pad, there is a high likelihood that the pad is not inserted properly.

What Is The Purpose Of A Metatarsal Pad?

Met pads’main function is to relieve pressure on the ball of the foot by lengthening the tissue at the top of the foot. They also help in the realignment of your toes and the natural foot fat pad which were damaged from the prolonged use of conventional pressure inducing footwear.

How Do Metatarsal Pads Help Morton’s Neuroma?

By taking off pressure from the ball of the foot, (the location of the neuroma pain) met pads provide relief on the previously compressed nerve. You can feel an instant pain relief as soon as you wear footwear with met pads, especially if your neuroma had been inflamed.

Types Of Metatarsal Pads

There 2 main types of metatarsal pads

  • Removable/mobile metatarsal pads
  • Non-removable/ permanent metatarsal pads

Where To Buy Metatarsal Pads

There are many places where you can buy metatarsal pads. The easiest would be online. I will share with you some of my most trusted brands you can get for yourself and your loved ones.

Best Morton’s Neuroma Metatarsal Pads

1. Hapad Morton’s Neuroma Pads

Hapad pads are medically designed to relieve pressure from the ball of the foot, making them suitable for Morton’s Neuroma and other ailments affecting the ball of the foot. These pads have received a lot of good reviews from several users.

Hapad Pads Features And Benefits

  • Adhesive back – ensures that the pad sticks well to the shoes and does not shift around.
  • Comfortable – they are made of 100% soft wool to provide your feet with comfortable cushioning
  • Relieves Pressure on the ball of the foot – with proper placement foot pads shift the main weight-bearing area away from 1 or 2 metatarsal heads to a larger area across the metatarsal region, thereby relieving pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Versatile – Hapad Metatarsal pads are the most versatile because they can be used in almost every style shoe including boots, running shoes and flip flops.
  • Affordable price – these come as 6 pairs in a package
  • Unisex – they can be worn by both men and women alike
  • Recommended by doctors – these pads come highly recommended by physicians for people with Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, and dropped metatarsal heads.

Important note: 

It is vital that you place these pads properly and keep adjusting them until you achieve that optimal placement for your comfort.

2. Mars Wellness Skived Felt Metatarsal Foot Pads For Morton’s Neuroma

These premium felt pads made in the USA, have received a lot of good reviews from people who suffer from Morton’s neuroma. They come as 6 pairs (12 pieces) in a package. They come in different thickness sizes: 1/8″, 1/4″, and 3/16″. The best size for Morton’s Neuroma is the 1/4″ thickness.

How to use it?

As per the product specifications you are advised to stick these pads directly on the foot instead of securing them on the shoe or sock. However, a lot of users who gave great positive reviews indicated that they prefer to stick these pads directly on the shoes.

This way you will be saving some money because sticking these pads directly means that you will only use them once and have to dispose of them.

A clever hack is to stick a few pairs on your most favorite shoes so that you won’t have the trouble of dealing with footpads each time you want to change your shoes.

Skived Met Pads Features And Benefits

  • Comfortable – They fit comfortably  under the ball of your foot – to achieve the optimal comfort position, place them behind second and third metatarsal heads to help eliminate pressure
  • Medically designed to alleviate the sharp stabbing foot pain caused by neuromas
  • Adhesive back – helps to keep the pad from shifting around
  • Skived design (edges are contoured) with adhesive backs – adds to your comfort


3. Pedag T-Form Metatarsal Pads For Morton’s Neuroma

Pedag Metatarsal Pads were made with you and nature in mind. Handmade in Germany, these pads are manufactured from vegetable-tanned leather. They feature only water-based adhesive to ensure your safety and the safety of the workers.

Pedag Metatarsal Pads Features And Benefits

  • T-form Shape – this design is meant to create an optimal lift  to eliminate pressure and help retain or regain the  proper anatomical foot shape
  • Metatarsal arch support  – relieves burning pain at the ball of the foot
  • Tapered edges – help avoid pressure point soreness normally caused by non-tapered alternatives
  • Naturally tanned leather – vegetable tanned leather is safe for your skin
  • Versatile – you can wear these with almost any type of shoe
  • Great adhesion – ensures that the pad stays in pays

4. Daliva Forefoot Metatarsal Pads For Morton’s Neuroma

Daliva metatarsal pads come in 3 pairs per package. They are suitable for most ball of foot problems such as Morton’s Neuroma, Metatarsalgia, and Calluses.

Features And Benefits

  • Soft high-quality material – ensures maximum comfort and cushioning of the ball of the foot
  • Versatile – they can be worn with any type of shoe
  • Unisex – can be used  by both men and women
  • Great adhesion – ensures that the pad stays in place
  • Easy to use – they are easy to insert in any shoe
  • Medically approved – these are highly recommended by physicians

How To Wear Metatarsal Pads

For effective pain relief, you should wear your met pads as per instruction by the manufacturer. As a general rule met pads should be placed just behind the ball of the foot or the metatarsal heads. Ideally, you should be able to keep adjusting the met pad until it gives you that comfort that you need.

Watch this short video for a quick visual instruction on proper placement of metatarsal pads.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have benefited from this post. Please share your thoughts or experiences, anything really, in the comment section below.

I wish you a pain-free life!

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