Homedics Foot Spa Reviews

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This article is part of the home treatment for Morton’s neuroma series. Today I decided to take a closer look at  Homedics Foot Spas to help you decide which one will work best for you. I chose HoMedics because they have great quality products that are widely trusted.

Please note that the Foot Spa will not necessarily cure your Morton’s neuroma but it can go a long way in providing you with the much-needed relief from everyday pain that you have to deal with.

I especially find it soothing to have a nice little foot spa treatment in the comfort of my home after a long day on my feet. I actually get instant pain relief after soaking my feet for 20 to 30 minutes in a foot spa.

I can guarantee you I sleep like a baby with no throbbing Morton’s neuroma pain whatsoever. If you’ve never tried this for yourself encourage you to consider getting a home Foot Spa for yourself.  Trust me your feet will love you!

So today I bring you different Homedics foot spas to choose from.

1. Homedics, Deep Soak Duo Foot Spa With HeatBoost Power

Product Features And Benefits

  • Gives you a 2 in 1  wet and dry massager – when your feet are really sore, you can add water for a deeply soothing experience. This will help soften your feet allowing the deep rolling mechanism to penetrate deep into your arches and soles of your feet. You can use the dry massage function when your feet aren’t so sore and just need a quick pick-me-up
  • Deep kneading massage – this foot spa utilizes a dual motorized roller system to give you a kneading massage. The circular kneading massage is great for soothing your tired, sore arches. In addition, the Acu-Node surface of the massager gives you additional massage at the bottom of your feet.
  • Optional heat boost – The Deep Soak Duo Foot Spa’s heating feature helps to further melt away tension and enhance your massage experience. The HeatBoost Power heats cold water in minutes and maintains temperature throughout the massage. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles in your arches and toes for the ultimate soothing comfort. Turn the heat on to enhance your massage experience and soothe your tired, achy feet. The heat will help to stimulate blood flow and promote pain relief.
  • Waterfall function – it adds that further layer of soothing to your massage.
  • Easy to use – this foot spa comes with a built-in carry handle to allow you to have a relaxing time in any room. It also features integrated controls that are easy to reach and adjust according to your personal preference.

2. Homedics Bubble Spa Elite Foot Bath

Product Features And Benefits

  •  Massage Bubble Jets – work to rejuvenate your feet through gentle massage after a long hard day.
  • Heat Boost Power – worried about having to wait for the water to reach your desired temperature? Don’t worry, this machine heats up the water in a few minutes and maintains the temperature throughout.
  • 2 in 1 pedicure function – this foot spa also has a 2 in 1 detachable pedicure center featuring a cleansing brush and a  pumice stone for exfoliating.
  • Designed for  your comfort – has a sensuous seagrass surface meant to rejuvenate your feet
  • One-touch control – features convenient one-touch controls that you can easily control with your toes, without having to bend and use our hands.

3.Homedics Shiatsu Air 2.0 Foot Massager With Heat & Air Compression

Product Features And  Benefits

  • Deep Kneading Massage – Helps soothe your sore feet and muscle aches with the Air 2.0 Foot Massage. The massager provides full coverage, deep kneading shiatsu massage experience from the heel, all the way to toes and from top to bottom of the foot. The foot massager provides a customizable massage experience.
  • Soothing Heat – The foot massager comes with an optional heat function to enhance your foot massage experience. The soothing heat will comfort your tired, overworked feet muscles for complete relaxation. If you prefer just massage without heat, you can achieve that too.
  • Air Compression Massage – The pulsing air compression massage stimulates acupressure massage to help relax sore, tense muscles by gently squeezing your feet.
  • Customized Settings – this machine comes with three-speed options: high, medium, and low, that allow you to enjoy a gentle or more intense massage based on your preference. You can choose from air, heat, kneading, or a combination of the controls.
  • Removable lining – the lining is not only removable but also washable, which helps you maintain hygiene.
  • Easy Care And Optimal Size – The foot massager is easy to clean with the removable, washable liner. The Air 2.0 was designed with all feet sizes in mind. It is made to accommodate up to a men’s size 14. There is no need to remember where the remote is. Easily identifiable buttons at the top of the unit are clearly marked.

4. Homedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager

Product Features And Benefits

  • Deep Kneading Shiatsu – The Homedics Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with heat gives you a circular kneading shiatsu Massage that Travels up and down the length of your feet, reviving tired arches and soles. It features the triple rotational heads that fully massage from toe to heel, delivering a human  touch like massage experience
  • Optional Heat – The Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager’s heat feature will help to further melt away tension and enhance the massage. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles in your arches and toes for an ultimate relaxed feeling. You can turn the heat on to augment your massage experience and soothe your tired, painful Feet. The heat will help to stimulate blood flow and promote healing.
  • Considerate Design – The tripe action Shiatsu foot massager has a large platform design that accommodates people with larger feet. Anyone with any shoe size can enjoy this foot massager.
  • Easy to Use –This machine comes with integrated controls that are optimally placed so that you can easily press them with your toe.  You can use the toe to touch controls to power on the massager, push the button again to turn on the heating feature


The Homedics brand carries a wide variety of foot spas but for the purpose of this article, I chose the top 4 types. I believe that out of these you were able to make a  choice to help you take great care of your feet.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.
I wish you a foot pain-free existence.

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