Cute Sandals For Women With Morton’s Neuroma

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Today I thought I should talk about cute sandals you can wear when you have Morton’s Neuroma. I mean just because we have this condition does not mean that we suddenly don’t like cute shoes. It’s just that our feet can’t take it anymore. More importantly, those cute shoes are the ones that most probably brought the neuroma and we have to ditch them for good, right?


But don’t you still want to wear cute shoes once in a while, when you go out for an important event? Plus you already have those pretty dresses and pants that just won’t look appealing with sneakers or wide toed, oversized loafers.

I’m not even saying that there is anything wrong with loafers or wide shoes. I’m just saying… would you wear these Shrek shoes to a wedding?

Green Bizarre Looking shoes

I think not!

So, what shoes can you wear to a wedding of any other function that calls for pretty looking shoes but which won’t hurt your feet further?

I’m sorry if I sound vain but seriously, if you were not born with a painful foot condition like Morton’s Neuroma, you know how sad it can feel that you can no longer wear shoes that make you feel pretty as a woman.

I don’t know about you but I a few cute shoes for special occasions in my closet.

What’s important is to choose relatively comfortable shoes and wear them with metatarsal pads to maximize comfort. Also, try not to wear them for extended periods of time. Always have an extra pair of your most comfortable shoes to slip back in.

Pretty Shoes You Can Wear With Morton’s Neuroma

I chose these shoes and I hope you can agree that they will help you dress well while also keeping your neuroma feet safe.

1.OOFOS – Women’s OOlala – Post Exercise Active Sport Recovery Thong Sandal


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Features And Awesome Benefits

  • Recovery Technology – these are the best shoes for painful stressed feet. Absorbs 37% more shock than traditional foam.  Allows your feet more natural motion.
  • Great Arch Support – gives your feet the best cradle ever!
  • Super soft and Light Weight – it feels like you’re walking  on clouds or marshmallows

2. Vionic Adjustable Hoola Astrid II Women’s Sandals – Great For Morton’s Neuroma

Versatile, comfortable, and yummy! This shoe is what you get when science and style decided to have a baby. They are simply beautiful. You can wear them with a dress, jeans, formal pants, and even shorts.

I just love them! These you can actually wear them for extended periods because they are comfortable. They have received a lot of great reviews from the ladies who bought a pair.

Available Colors: Dark Taupe, Navy Blue and Black

Features And Benefits

  • Adjustable straps – help you get the perfect non-squeezing fit
  • Concealed arch support – creates comfort. This is a plus for ladies with Morton’s neuroma. The shoes are not only good looking, it actually has orthopedic benefits.
  • Rubber sole – helps grip and stability. Your feet won’t be sliding and shifting uncomfortably, thereby creating trauma further on your neuroma.

2. Vionic Women’s Tawny Platform Wedge – Great For Morton’s Neuroma

Available In: Mauve Suede, Mocha Leather, Black Leather, Black Suede, Wine Leather, Nude Suede.

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Features And Benefits

  • Deep Heel Cup – ensures proper foot pronation thereby protecting your feet from further injury. These shoes are great for people with overpronation and supination issues.
  • Rubber Sole – help you get good traction against slippery or uneven surfaces. This feature protects your feet from possible injury.
  • Adjustable Buckle – help you get a custom fit
  • 3-inch elevation – makes these shoes very comfortable. They almost feel flat.

3. Vionic Women’s Perk Carmel Back Strap Heel

Style – check

Comfort – check

Cuteness – check, check, check

These Vionic heels are probably the most dressier yet comfortables shoes your closet has always been missing. They are suitable to wear with pretty dresses, pantsuits, jeans. To the office, wedding, party, to any event. You will get lots of compliments and when you say thank you, you won’t be pretend smiling.

It will be a genuine smile because your feet won’t be hurting. These shoes are so good for ladies with Morton’s Neuroma because they feature both the arch support as well as the adjustable straps.

Availble in Olive Suede, Black Suede, Saddle Suede, Natural Snake

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Features And Benefits

  • 3 Way Buckle Closures  – means you can easily adjust the shoe for a more custom fit.
  • Chunky/ Block Heel – great for giving you stability
  • 3 Inch Heel – gives you a dressier but still comfortable look
  • Deep Heel Cup – enhances your foot stability
  • Concealed Arch Support –  You get the benefits of arch support without having to add your own arch support orthotics which may possibly cramp your style.

 4. Vionic Women’s Atlantic Arabella Toe-Post Platform Sandal

These are super comfortable and pretty. They are lightweight even though they look a little bulky. You can rock this with anything you want casual and smart casual. You can definitely stand for a long period wearing these shoes.

Available In: Cherry, Champagne, Pewter, Black

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Features And Benefits

  • Open Toe Design – gives your toes ample breathing space.
  • Comfortable and lightweight –  Makes them comfortable to wear. These are like elevated flip flops except much cuter.
  • VIO Motion Support – this is a  feature found in all Vionic shoes to ensure that you get maximum foot support.

5. SHOWHOW Women’s Chunky Low Heeled Sandals

These shoes may not have the same orthopedic features as the Vionic shoes but they are also comfortable to wear to an event.

Since these shoes don’t come with built-in arch support I recommend that you pair them up with some concealable metatarsal pads. 

Available In: Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Pink, White, Glitter, Black, etc.

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Features And Benefits

Low Chunky Heel – offers your feet lots of comfort

Adjustable Strap – Allows you to achieve a  more custom fit

Affordable Price –  because they come quite cheap you can afford to bundle these up with some metatarsal pads just to make sure that your feet won’t hurt.

6. Vionic Women’s, Ritta Sandal

If you must really go totally flat yet still  dressy, these shoes are for you. You can rock these with a dress, jeans or shorts and step out on a beautiful summer day.

Available In : White, Black

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Features And Benefits

  • Multiple Adjustable Straps –  this feature will ensure that your toes are never compressed
  • Flat Design – you won’t have any elevation issues but your outfit will be stunningly completed with these babies.
  • Soft and comfortable footbed – gives you an all-day comfort that your pretty feet need

Bottom Line

Ladies I hope you were able to grab yourself at least 1 pair of these super cute shoes for that special occasion, or just because you deserve to wear beautiful shoes whether you have Morton’s Neuroma or any other foot pain.

I know I used to get depressed when I had to wear flat shoes all the time. Not anymore! I feel pretty again  and I can now get compliments on my outfits. Because my pretty shoes complete the outfit.

Thanks for stopping by.

Do take good care of your feet. Don’t press them into “pretty” shoes even if your feet can’t take it.

Remember, Morton’s Neuroma is already a debilitating enough condition. You deserve to feel good about yourself.

It is not about being vain, it is about finding comfortable yet still beautiful shoes.

Until the next time…

Take care!

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