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Hello there,

Welcome to Morton’s Neuroma Survival!

The website dedicated to helping those who suffer from foot pain.

My Story

I am Jane, the mother of a handsome boy and 2 beautiful girls. I have been living with Morton’s Neuroma since 2007. It took me many years before I could finally discover the name of the most debilitating foot pain I have.

jane mortonsneuromasurvival

I remember very well in April 2008 when I was pregnant with my last born. That’s when my MN pain showed up seriously. I had bought this beautiful pair of sharp-nosed golden-colored pumps. I wore them and went to the mall. I had barely done anything but the pain on my left foot was unbearable.

So much that I ended up buying a pair of flip-flops just to finish my errands… Since then, I began researching about sharp burning pain between the toes.

Fast forward to today…

I am a fairly active person, I work out but I have had to tone down on lots of other simple activities like walking! I now stick with a stationary bike, a bit of aerobics (with pain and suffering afterward), and weightlifting. Occasionally, I swim and do boxing just so that I don’t feel too sedentary.

Why Do I Care?

Foot Pain

I don’t want you to suffer alone!

If you are suffering from Morton’s Neuroma,  or any other form of foot pain, I want to help you manage the pain through the strategies I have learned through years of suffering.

If you don’t have Morton’s Neuroma yet, congratulations and please keep it that way. I intend to share with you ways to protect yourself and not make the mistakes I made with my feet.

My Goal With This Website?

To help thousands of people living with Morton’s Neuroma and other foot pain better manage their pain and to create lots of awareness on how people can prevent Morton’s Neuroma.

I will do this through my own personal experiences and other people’s experiences. I will share stories and product reviews to help as many people as I possibly can.

If you ever need help or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out from my layman’s perspective.

All the best,




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